About Alphard Wars

In a city where cars have become king, what happens when a top police officer has a sudden change of heart… and body!

Fresh from Government House, Chief Superintendent Davina Veda is involved in a nuclear accident which causes her to switch bodies with elderly “cardboard granny” Lady Lim. As Veda struggles to cope with her new frail physique, Lady Lim, now young, healthy and packing a gun, realises she finally has power to solve one of her most irritating problems: the Alphards which speed down her streets and block her right of way.

Will Veda find her way back to her own body? Will Lady Lim’s war on Alphards change the city for the better? And what happens when the Chief Executive tries to go for a walk?

Find out on Saturday nights, 10pm, AM621/RTHK Channel 7.