Alphard Wars Cast

Alphard Wars comes to life with a talented cast of professional stars and radio newcomers! Here’s the cast, in order of appearance:

Priscilla Lai Ching-ping  as Chief Executive

Priscilla Lai Ching-ping was trained at L’Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in France and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London University in United Kingdom. She gained a performance certificate (Physical Theatre) and Master of Arts in Applied Theatre. She was the local artist for 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival, Artists-in-Residence Project and Senior Education and Outreach Officer of Chung Ying Theatre. In 2012, Priscilla was the first Chinese teacher to be invited for movement workshops for Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Castilla y León in Spain.

She is now the movement teacher in Applied Learning, Performing Arts Education of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and course instructor (theatre) for HKUST. Recent theatre credits include: Hong Kong Arts Festival £¥€$ Lies, AFTEC’s Grimm Adventures – A reimagination of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Comedy of Mistakes and RTHK programmes.

Tony B as Officer Frank Li

Tony Basoglu is a newcomer to radio and stage – while he doesn’t look like a Teresa, his day job is selling Teresa’s Turkish Towels, he is also an avid hiker and volunteer as part of the biggest hiking group in town, Hong Kong Hiking Meetup.

He is also well known in babysitting and Part Time jobs circles as the administrator of the biggest job board on Facebook : the Hong Kong TeenPT group.

Jo Chim as CSP Davina Veda

Born in Hong Kong and raised in West Africa, Canada, and the US, Jo’s been a global nomad most of her life. A career chameleon, she’s had multiple roles in the arts, media, and corporate branding for over two decades. After graduating from Brown University, she worked in New York, (Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine) and played in Paris before moving to Hong Kong with jobs at Sotheby’s and Turner Network to launch TNT and Cartoon Network in Asia. She returned to North America and pursued acting in theatre, TV, and the occasional Hollywood blockbuster, for over a decade, earning her very own Mean Girl meme. Now in HK, she oversees a studio for branding and marketing content, specialising in making short form videos, for a global private education company. Jo is currently working on a new movie One Small Visit.

Minna Cheung Yin-man as Lady Lim

Minna Cheung graduated with first class honours as an English major in Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has also received training in the School of Theatre at University of Denver. Upon graduation, she has since been active as an actress in numerous public performances and school touring shows by different renowned local theatre companies. She teaches English and English Drama and is a director, actress and set costume designer in Shadow Players, a theatre company made up of graduates from Hong Kong’s leading universities and dedicates in staging high-quality western classics with a unique Hong Kong flavour. Her involvement in Shadow Players’ previous productions has earned her The Hecklers nominations in both the Best Actress and Best Designer categories.

Cordelia Choy Wai-ling as Shirley

Cordelia Choy Wai-Ling has a lifetime of experience from child model and TV presenter to award winning producer known for Knock Off (1998), Sing si lip yan (1993) and Purple Storm (1999).

Alok Jain as Number One

Alok is a transport executive but also a talented actor, appearing in Battlebox (2021). He’s co-host of Alphard Wars’ parent show Wham Bam Tram!

Norman Lovett as Chiefty McChieftan

Best known for his portrayal of Holly in Red Dwarf (1988), Red Dwarf: Beat the Geek (2006) and Dr Lovett in Asylum (1996), Norman is a comedian and actor from London. When we asked Norman to play the autonomous Alphard (Chiefty) “a little bit HAL9000”, he told us the original Red Dwarf Holly role had a similar brief! Holly was originally to be audio only, but Norman insisted on a visual part and became an icon of the hit TV show.

James Ockenden as Alphard Male and others

The show’s creator steps in for minor roles including the Chief Executive’s assistant Sunshine, Transport chief Bauhinia Li, Alphard Male, and various ambulance crew workers and beat police.